Sunday, June 7, 2009

Featured Speaker: Daniel Ferreras

Daniel Ferreras is an associate professor of French, Spanish and Comparative Literatures at West Virginia University. His work on the Fantastic, the detective story, marginalized genres, and popular culture issues has appeared in French Literature Series, Hispania, PolĂ­tica, Lectura y signo, Excavatio and Popular Culture Review, and he’s the author of Lo fantástico en la literatura y en el cine (Vosa, 1996) and Cuentos de la mano izquierda (Silente, 1999).
A long-time advocate for open digital communication, he was the first faculty member from the WVU Department of Foreign Languages to direct a thesis under the electronic submission mandate nearly a decade ago and he is an active member of the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation / Institutional Repository Task Force, as well as a faculty spokesperson for the SPARC “Create Change” program. Dr. Ferreras has participated in several ETD conferences and seminars, providing a unique faculty perspective on fundamental issues concerning the digital library and the reception as well as the future of scholarly communications.

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